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         Everyone agrees it can be costly to hire an attorney.  (Come to think of it, it can be costly to hire a plumber, an auto mechanic, an electrician, an accountant, a computer technician, an architect, etc.)

          At McPherson & McPherson we are aware of the financial cost to our clients. We bill an hourly fee in most cases other than Estate Planning (Wills and other estate planning documents are billed at a set fee). An hourly fee means we charge for the actual time it takes to assist our clients to completion of their legal problem. Because it is impossible to predict how long something will take, most of the time we cannot give exact costs or even close estimates. There is no way to determine what the other party or parties will do and the time it will take to respond to them. Many times, issues arise which no one knew existed and the attorney must deal with these unforeseen issues.  Once we represent you, we must respond to every action of the other party or the other party's attorney.  These are a few reasons why attorney fees add up.  Paralegals and staff bill for time at reduced rates.


        We bill only for time actually spent on your case.  Time is divided into tenths of an hour and we strictly adhere to actual time, with .1 hour consisting of 1 to 6 minutes, etc.  We must bill for time and costs such as opening your file, court fees, photocopying, faxing, traveling, discussing your case with others involved and with you, telephone calls, email, court appearances, etc.   We are proud of our straightforward billing procedures.

          Our goal is to provide excellent legal representation in the most economical manner. Our fees are reasonable, we bill only for the time a matter requires, and we provide experienced, personalized legal service.

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