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           In Washington State, "divorce" is legally called "Dissolution of Marriage." No matter what it is called, the process is extremely distressing to the parties involved and their families. At McPherson & McPherson, we represent both men and women in divorce cases and do not specialize in either side of the matter, as both men and women deserve strong advocacy in divorce cases. We also represent same-sex divorce.

           A divorce may be filed by either the wife or the husband - it makes no difference to the legal system who starts the action. Washington is a no-fault divorce state, which means wrong-doing on the part of either party is not significant, as a divorce may be obtained by any married person who no longer desires to be married; no hurtful reason is needed to file for divorce.

           Ninety days after filing, a divorce may be finalized, providing there are no issues left to be determined by the parties or the court.

             If divorce were as simple as above stated, people probably would not need an attorney.   Unfortunately, many issues arise when a couple is divorcing...............



         Financial restraining orders are issued in an initial divorce proceeding, so that neither party will spend money that may not belong to him or her after the divorce is final. Other types of restraining orders are sometimes called for, especially if there are domestic violence issues or child custody disagreements. A person needs an experienced attorney to represent him or her through this difficult process.


         Unfortunately, neither party to a divorce will own as much property immediately after the divorce as he or she did when married. The Superior Court Judge has the final word over how a divorcing couple's property is divided. It is much better if the people involved can agree on division of their property, rather than have a judge make the decision. See "MEDIATION" below. Our goal is to get the best property division possible for our clients, regardless of who makes the final decision. We work diligently for our clients regarding property division and all other issues involved in divorce .


         Mediation is always helpful when people cannot come to an agreement. In Island County, mediation is mandatory if a couple is scheduled for a divorce trial and they do not agree on all issues involved.


         Tax issues must be considered in divorce cases. Sometimes there are complex tax questions and problems to be addressed. Attorney Molly McPherson has a Master's of Law degree in taxation. She is educated to recognize tax problems and represent her clients knowledgeably concerning tax issues.

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