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          Every case is different and individual; however there are some bits of advice that apply to most cases. These are a few we have gathered from our experience over the years.

  • Keep your children sheltered from the proceedings. Obviously, they will be told what is happening (providing they are not infants), but do not involve them in any of the details. The goal is to maintain a normal day-to-day life. 

  • Except for the advice you receive from your attorney, take all advice of well-meaning friends and acquaintances with a grain of salt, and always run it by your attorney before acting.

  • Do not bring a friend or relative with you when you talk to your attorney.  This is a confidential situation between you and your attorney, and no matter how you feel today, you may later regret having had someone else listening to your privileged conversations about your personal life.

  • Divorce, although fairly common, is a very upsetting procedure, no matter what the circumstances.  Just be aware that many people we have represented throughout a divorce have told us that after it was over and there was time to heal emotionally they were now happier than before.  We do not promote divorce but sometimes it is the only alternative.


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