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           Attorney Molly McPherson has handled hundreds of cases involving child support. 

           Child support amounts in Washington are governed by a schedule, based upon factors such as the number of children, the age of each child, and the income of both parents. There are other issues which can affect child support, and a person should have the advice of an experienced family law attorney when child support is at issue.

           Matters such as who pays for a child's college education are involved in child support, long before the child is of college age.

           Government agencies may be involved in child support issues, such as the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services, Division of Support Enforcement. Federal laws may also be involved.

           Child support is an on-going matter, lasting long after a divorce is final.

           Child support is an area that requires knowledgeable legal advice. We can advise a parent on his or her responsibilities and what to expect concerning child support. We will be a strong advocate for your side of child support determination.

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